UC - CCM IDEA LAB Production

Theatre Design and Production Team:
- Sharon Huizinga, Theater Design and Production Faculty Advisor
- Ian Macintosh, Lighting Design and Technology student
- Jason Bowden, Lighting Design and Technology student
- Natalia Carlson, Lighting Design and Technology student
- Maya Hughes, Lighting Design and Technology student
- Haruka Iihoshi, Sound Design and Technology student
- Sedona Isch, Technical Direction student
- Justin Levine, Technical Direction student
- Monica Walker, Technical Direction student
- Mallory Bruno, Stage Management studen

Performance Team:
- Vince DeGeorge, Musical Theatre Faculty Advisor
- Jeffery Cornelius, Musical Theatre student
- Nate Jones, Musical Theatre student
- Nick Pattarini, Musical Theatre student
- Annalise Prentiss, Musical Theatre student
- Grace Rusnica, Musical Theatre student

“Gold” started with a conversation around engagement and connection. We are used to having an audience to engage with and the loss is palpable. The production team wanted to explore creating an environment where that connection could be explored in different ways — by seeing the connection between musicians, by using a 360 camera to put a viewer in the middle of the performance, and by creating an enclosed environment that was like a bubble of connectedness with a small group.The production team wanted to create an immersive experience for an audience on the other side of a screen, to allow them to sit in the middle of a cozy, warm circle of musicians and feel connected. They enclosed the circle of the Cohen Family Studio Theatre by building replicas of the existing columns and by hanging golden lighting in a circle above the performers' heads. "Gold" has two versions; a VR experience and a multi-camera shoot with a curated point-of-view. The performance features Fergus O'Farrell's "Gold” from Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová's musical Once. Watch the VR version here: https://youtu.be/xieWFw-hty4