UC - CCM Idea Lab Production

Theatre Design and Production Team:
Sharon Huizinga, Theater Design and Production Faculty Advisor
Ian MacIntosh, Lighting Design and Technology student
Jason Bowden, Lighting Design and Technology student
Sedona Isch, Technical Direction student
Monica Walker, Technical Direction student
Justin Levine, Technical Direction student
Haruka Iihoshi, Sound Design and Technology student

"Born Undone" is an exploration of intimacy and personal story. This personal story hinges on letters; it's emotional, intimate and delicate. The creative team wanted to move everything to a very small scale, using moving boxes as projection surfaces, using a human body for projection, and using a macro camera lens to look extremely closely at things we do not usually look so closely at. The writing from the letters was turned into a font and used to create projected writing on boxes and bodies. The audio is also intended to give the viewer an experience of being 1 inch away from the performer.