The UC College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) Idea Lab is a collaborative cross disciplinary class involving students and faculty from Theatre Design and Production (Sound, Lighting and Technical Direction), Acting, Musical Theatre, Dance Voice and Media Production. The lab creates short projects exploring technical, artistic and philosophical questions."Turing II" is an exploration of consciousness and technology.

This project was based around the desire to build a physical system that could move a 3D object in space in a controllable and cued way. From there, the creative team evolved the idea of having a being that exists in an unknown location for vast amounts of time, and we see that being interact with a human, but we're never entirely sure of the nature of these two entities.The production team created the movements of the head, and then asked the dancer to improvise movement in response.

The creative team wanted to tell a story of long passages of time, to create a sense that there could be 100 years or 5000 years in between each scene. They also wanted to follow a dancer with projection imagery, which was done live. Music was performed live, and mixed with the sounds of the winches driving the movement of the head.